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              There are no dates yet.


              Christmas Single

              We realised it had been over 10 years since the last Christmas songs from Dropkick so we got inspired last week and wrote and recorded ‘All I Want for Christmas…


              Sadly, we’ve known for a wee while that Mike Foy would be vacating the Dropkick drum stool after our two shows in Edinburgh and Glasgow last month. In a typically…

              The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness

              Andrew will be playing 3 acoustic shows in Spain to promote the recent Boys record with his musical chum, Gonzalo Marcos. The plan is play a lot of songs from…

              Spanish Gigs

              We are very happy to let you know we’ll be travelling to Spain to play 4 concerts in July. These will be full band gigs with a slight line up…


              “Dropkick continues to develop some of the best pop…..Highly recommended.”
              - Powerpopaholic
              “Sparkling pop masterclass.”
              El Giradiscos
              “….you could argue that Wilco and Teenage Fanclub contain a bit of Dropkick in them, sharing hook-laden songs with irresistible harmonies... extraordinary.”
              - Is This Music?
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